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How to promote your music

1. Use Social Media

We all use social media. If you’re not on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days, it’s almost like you never existed.

However, you may not be using social media to it’s full potential to promote your music.

Social media is NOT a straight-up marketing platform.

Most of the time, a post or video become viral on social media due to its funny and interesting nature.

Don't be afraid to reach out to other influencer in order to share your post.

A funny post on on the right channel at the right time can definitely make its way into our facebook feed.

Make sure to use theses hints the right way.

2.Sell your music on Your Website

Your website shouldn’t be a static thing. It should be ever adapting and changing to reflect new events in your career.

Basically, you want your fans stopping by your website as often as possible.

They are there for a reason, try to keep them interested as much as possible.

Sometime giving access to exclusive content or download may just do the trick in order to keep them interested in career.

For exemple if your selling background music for various youtube channels,

it might be beneficial for you to use services like

They offer a follow to download web service that might help you grow your followers and influence on various social media site such as Facebook, Spotify & Youtube.

Lastly, don't forget

the more often they’re on your site, the more they’re exposed to your albums, merch, and tickets.

3. Make great music

If you don't make great music your wasting your time and no one will ever be interested in your content.

Music is all about competing for attention so make sure your content can compete with other musician in your niche.

Don't forget we are constantly bombarded with top 40 chart hits. If you don't go above and beyond in order to create incredible music your chance of being noticed are really slim.

Make sure your music is on point and appealing to a certain type of audience before you start promoting it.

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